My Services~

This page actually  bothers me...It seems to be so clinical so to speak and removes the spontineity of least for me it does, so let me just start with telling you a little of what I offer as far as services and menus go...I don't care for the term menu anyway its like a piece of meat and that is simply here is the situation.

I am a GFE Provider. That is the Girl Friend Experience.  You are paying me for a window of time to be just that, your girlfriend.  Now I don't know too many chicks including myself who says to their boyfriend, well I do bbbj, or I dont love anal, or I like a pearl necklace, I don't really like 69, etc you get the idea. And sometimes you don't even have sex, but ya don't discuss if your going to...right?  Massage is something a girlfriend does with her boyfriend right?  But he also massages her too with that...I will gaurenteeI WILL be a fun and awesome girlfriend to have around. I am alot of fun and just love to have a good time with lots of laughter and joy...I love to flirt, enjoy erotic touch and love to wow my boyfriends so...I hope this little write will give you a better picture of what the time spent with me as your girlfriend would be like...

I ADORE Role Playing,  enjoy creating fantasies, and am very good at carring out the play thru the whole session., If interested let me know. Have an idea? Lets talk about it . I'm fairly open. 

I am a creative, healthy, grown up. I am  well grounded, and mature. I like sex, no, I love sex. I believe it is a healthy and necessary ingrediant in life that keeps our souls fed, brains calm and well adjusted, reduces tension and stress, puts a damper on many of the frustrations life experiences can bring thru our day to day lives, offers a more restful night sleep. If enjoyed in the morning, starts the day out on a more happy note. Our hearts love us for it and helps it stay strong with the cardio vascular work out it brings. Mens prostates risk for cancer is signifficantly reduced. Womens vagina's remain soft and supple the way they should be. Sex aides in having a longer life longevity. Helps with self esteem, brings people closer, and fullfills the very necessary need for touch and physical closeness that every human being needs. Is beautiful when shared between two consenting adults.


.SO if you are a discerning gentleman and and you are 40 yrs of age or better, and we have a connection, then sex could be a possibility. HOWEVER... In the event we do, I am letting you know that in NO WAY shape or form are you  PAYING ME FOR SEX. I DO NOT charge for sex.  SEX WITH ME IS NOT A SERVICE.  OKAY...ONCE AGAIN...                                                

CONSENSUAL SEX WITH ALLUSION IS NOT A SERVICE, BUT A GIFT. FROM ME TO YOU. OKAY?  SIMPLY PUT, MAKE NO MISTAKE, for it is merely sharing a beautiful experience between two consenting adults.  

Any monies left for me is only for my time. A window of time that is set at a price in which you may purchace more time from me if you so wish. Many of my friends do. The time is for me to share my undivided attention with you, and focus on you, be pretty and soft. Possibly wear something extra sexy for you, or for for fantasy props a special requested outfit or whatever. . It has nothing to do with sex, for I wouldn't even know what to charge  because to me it is a precious gift that contains no dollar value...

For those who enjoy only FBSM I do offer that as well....the choice is yours. I look forward to us~ 503 559 3722 

Disappointment is NOT an option!